The Home Building Act

In our line of work we can, at times, get too focused on our jobs and shut out the world. On 28 May last year, certain amendments were made to the Home Building Act (1989) that could have a bearing on contractors who carry our restumping and renovation work. We have made a list of […]

The Home Building Act

House inspection

Three Things To Watch Before You Buy An Old House

Buying a bungalow or an old villa is a dream come true for most homeowners. Who does not want to make the spacious living space their own. Old residential properties have a unique charm which can be difficult to resist. They have a sense of character and history that draws us towards them. Don’t Buy […]

Licensed Building Practitioners

Even the most carefully constructed homes have a certain shelf life. Once they get past it, renovations and upgrades are in order. Most owners feel a strong sense of attachment to their homes; understandably so. They may not prefer handing over the renovation of the house to a complete stranger. No matter how strong the […]

Licensed Builder

Crawl Space

Advantages Of Crawl Space Foundation

One of the most important factors of constructing a house is laying its foundation. The reason why the foundation plays such an important role is that it does more than just provide a stable base: It locks out moisture, acts as an effective insulation against the cold, and resists any movement of the top soil. […]