The foundation of a house is one the most important features that provides a strong, safe support to the structure above the ground. As with any physical support, the foundation is bound to develop wear and tear as the years roll by. The factors that influence its degeneration include soil conditions, the dimensions of the house, and the weather conditions. If there are any signs of cracks on the foundations, then it needs to be repaired or replaced immediately.

Why You Need House Reblocking

When the stumps that form the foundation of a home are affected, the home can become an unsafe and unstable structure for the family. By reblocking, our contractors can fix any issues related to rotting, deterioration, and cracking of the foundation. The damaged stumps can either be reinforced or replaced according to the needs of the project.

When You Need To Reblock

It is common for most homeowners and families in Melbourne to not really factor the maintenance of the foundation of their home. One reason could be that the stumps lie below and are not readily visible for monitoring. If there are any signs of damage to the walls or the roof of the house, the homeowner spots it and gets it fixed. However, if the timber or concrete stumps that support the house develop issues, they could go unnoticed for a while.

When the foundation deteriorates, there are certain signs that alert families can look out for. They include:

  • Uneven or slanting floors. The floors are the best indicator of the foundation’s health. Since the stumps are attached to the flooring, any issues with the foundation will be reflected on the floors. If you feel a slant while walking inside your house, or an uneven texture between steps, your foundation needs to be fixed.
  • Crack lines on the tile floors. For homeowners who have installed tiles, fine cracks can develop on them when the stumps rot, rust, or expand.

As a rule of thumb, a good time to consider reblocking the foundation is when you decide to undertake any major renovation of your home.

Our House Reblocking Melbourne Process

At Melbournerestumping, we undertake a careful, detailed approach to the reblocking project for our clients. We understand the importance of foundation stumps and the urgency with which any issues with them need to be fixed. The process that our team of experts follow include:

  • The first step involves supporting the worn out or cracked foundation stumps by installing jacks.
  • The team then excavate the soil to reach the base of the foundation.
  • The old stumps are removed, and their replacements are hung above the vacant holes.
  • Before the contractors pour the concrete to fix the new stumps, they survey the level of the floor above the stumps.
    If the floor is at level, the concrete is poured into the excavated holes and the new stumps are inserted.

We have been attending to reblocking projects all over Melbourne for more than a decade. To deliver the best services to homeowners and families, we provide a lifetime guarantee on our services.