Melbourne Restumping

Underpinning Methods

If you notice any signs of cracks on the walls of your home, or an uneven slant to the floors, then it is time to check the foundations of the house for any signs of degeneration. The concrete stumps that form the foundation on which your house sits will deteriorate and weaken over a period of fifteen years. Another factor that affects the concrete stumps is the diverse, tough soil conditions found cross Melbourne.

Customized Underpinning

We have been serving homeowners and families across Melbourne for the last twenty years with customized underpinning services that take into account the specific foundation requirements of each house. There are two methods that are used by our contractors to repair and strengthen the old stumps.

Concrete underpinning (A traditional method)

One of the most common method of extending the life of the worn out concrete slabs is by bolstering them with a fresh coat of concrete. Contractors use jacks to raise the floor of the house, the jacks offer additional support to the old stumps while the repairs take place. Once the steel support is in place, fresh concrete is applied to each stump. This is a careful process where the new material has to be applied to worn out stumps. After the stumps have been reinforced, the jacks are lowered and then removed.

Our unique method

We offer homeowners in Melbourne a new underpinning method which is faster, less messy, and much more efficient than the traditional method. In this method, our contractors use advanced, new age equipment to inject the old concrete stumps with re-strengthening material. The material not only fills the cracks that would have developed in the stumps, it also expands the foundation which can lift the subsided concrete slabs from the soil without the need of any external support.