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Three Things To Watch Before You Buy An Old House

Buying a bungalow or an old villa is a dream come true for most homeowners. Who does not want to make the spacious living space their own. Old residential properties have a unique charm which can be difficult to resist. They have a sense of character and history that draws us towards them.

Don’t Buy Blind

You may have seen a character villa, you probably have the money lined as well, but before signing the dotted line, take a breather and take a good look at the property you are investing in. The pretty villa could very well become a dark hole that swallows your investment.

Three Things To Watch Before You Buy

Before homeowners indulge their temptation, there are certain issues to watch for. With age, any physical property develops wear, tear, and damage. The wear and tear may not show on the outside, however, that may very well exist in parts of the house that are hidden from view. Consider these three things before you an old property:

The Foundations

Older the house, the more chances are that the foundations would have developed cracks or erosion. It is a common tendency for homebuyers to check the bedrooms and the living rooms first. Our advice is to forget the rooms and check the foundation first. Homebuyers should look for signs of cracks and shifting, this problem can be an easy fix and may just be a case of restumping the foundations. If the buyers are not keen to check the foundations themselves or are unsure what they are looking for, they should contact a foundations specialist and get an opinion from a professional.

The Electric Wiring

Another hidden aspect that skips the eyes of most home buyers. Old bungalows and character villas have wiring that dates back to the time the property was built. With the old wiring around the house, there is good possibility of a fire hazard. This possibility is higher for wires that are installed near the roof and covered with insulation. Buyers should check the wiring before investing in the property. Any outdated circuits should be replaced completely by a professional electrician. Replacing the wires is a sizeable investment but well worth it.

The Plumbing

Poor plumbing may not seem like a deal breaker but it definitely can be. Especially when the water stops during mid shower and the person wonders why the stinging soap does not wash away from the eyes. The reason poor plumbing is an important concern is that the pipes can develop mineral build up over the years. This leads to water leaks and the corrosion of the plumbing pipes which can affect the interior walls and flooring.