Melbourne Restumping


The structure of your house can only be as strong and secure as the foundation it rests on. Any deterioration to the stumps that support the house should be immediately attended to by replacing them with new foundation stumps. Our team of experienced contractors provides a timely, budget-friendly reblocking service that will increase the durability and lifespan of your home.

Reblocking Costs In Melbourne

A reblocking project is not very different from a house renovation. The first step is to identify when the foundation stumps need to be replaced. Our contractors conduct a simple visual survey of the stumps to determine whether they can still bear the weight of the structure above the ground. They then pass on their observations to the homeowner. If the foundation is in poor health, it should be replaced without further delay. As a rule of thumb, most foundation stumps last for about fifteen to twenty years.

Factors That Affect Costs

Having worked on foundations for more than a decade, we find that there are two major factors that
affect the reblocking cost estimates of a reblocking project. They are:

The choice between concrete or wood

The two most commonly used materials for foundation stumps are concrete and timbre. The wooden stumps are more cost-effective but have a shorter shelf life and provide less support. We generally recommend solid concrete stumps to homeowners.

Dimensions of the house

Depending on the size of the house, our contractors calculate the number of stumps that need to be used as well as the weight bearing capacity of each stump.

Budget-Friendly Estimates

Melbourne restumping believes in providing a time efficient and cost efficient service. To know more about our flexible payment options, give us a call. Our customer service executive will take you through the options and offer a free quote as well.