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The foundation stumps are key to a safe, reliable home. They provide stability and long life to the structure that rests above the ground. When the stumps undergo wear and tear, the team at Melbourne restumping apply their expertise to carry out quick, economical foundation replacement that will once again provide a strong, solid base for your home.

Restumping Costs in Melbourne

A restumping project is an important renovation project for a house. One of the most important decisions that a homeowner needs to make is when to replace the foundation stumps. Our team members can help the homeowner decide by inspecting the condition of the stumps. By scratching the soil from the base of the stumps, one can ascertain whether they need to be replaced or not. The foundation of a house generally lasts for fifteen to twenty years.

Factors That Affect Costs

Once the homeowner decides to go ahead with replacing the stumps,
there a variety of factors that affect the cost estimates of a restumping project. They include:

Using concrete or timber stumps

We recommend homeowners and families to use concrete instead of timber stumps. They may cost more than the wooden variety, but they offer more stability and lasts longer. Most of our restumping work in Melbourne deals with replacing the timber foundation with concrete.

The number of stumps

Depending on the width of the base structure, our team decides the number of stumps that need to be fixed. The calculation is made on the area to be covered. For instance, a three bedroom house will cost more than a two bedroom structure. Another factor that can affect restumping cost is the length of the stumps.

Within Your Budget

Whatever your requirements are, we offer flexible payment options that will suit your budget. To know about our reasonably priced services, give us a call.

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