Melbourne Restumping


The structure of your home is only as strong as its foundation. If there are any issues with the foundation, the walls and floors of the house will reflect that with hairline cracks and misaligned walls. These signs are an indication that the foundation needs to be strengthened.

Underpinning Melbourne

Pinpals has been servicing homeowners in Melbourne for the last twenty years. We believe that the concrete foundation stumps is one of the most crucial elements that provide stability and support to your house. The foundation repair services that we offer is based on treating and strengthening the weakened underground stumps in an economical, efficient way, with minimal structural interference to the house.

Why us?

You may have heard about foundation repair projects where the family has to move out, or where the homeowner has to carry out renovation work of the floors and walls once the foundation has been underpinned. When you hire Pinpals for our expert ground engineering services, there is none of the moving out or renovating walls and floors after we have strengthened the concrete stumps.

Our team of experienced contractors use state of the art tools to address the wear and tear of the stumps. We have moved on from the traditional method of inserting jacks underneath the house to repair the stumps.
This method, though effective, involves much more work and inflated project costs. With our unique underpinning service, our clients can expect none of the excavation, dirt, or dust which is part of the traditional method. Any issues with the foundations of your house will affect the floors and walls. The concrete slabs that support the structure of the house are prone to wear and tear over a period of ten to fifteen years.

The soil conditions in Melbourne exert additional pressure on the foundation stumps, causing it to crack or subside. This leads to uneven floors and misaligned walls. The experienced team of contractors at Pinpals can carry out efficient, economical underpinning services that will strengthen the old foundation stumps and give them a new lease of life.

The Benefits

When you select us to strengthen the weakened foundation stumps, you can look forward to the following benefits:
Our contractors use a unique structural expanding material that can be injected into the worn out, cracked concrete stumps. This process can be completed with minimal invasion or excavation of the existing foundation. The contractors pierce tiny holes in the stumps that are around 16 mm in thickness to inject the material. Once the material seeps into the concrete stumps, it fills up cracks and strengthens the foundation. The new foundation then realigns the floors and walls of the house, providing additional support.
The underpinning material that we use is not toxic, does not react to any substances that may be found in the soil, and does not leave any carbon footprint on the environment. There is no trace of the concrete dust that is usually found in the old restructuring method. The result is that your family and house inhabits a clean, clear home even while we work on its foundation. Once the material expands, the misaligned walls and the uneven flooring are re-levelled. This allows lowered project costs, which results in substantial savings for our clients.
A house provides a strong, reliable shelter to the people who make it their home. As with any physical structure, the foundations of the house is prone to wear and tear. The concrete stumps of the foundation that support the structure can crack or depress, which leads to uneven flooring, cracks in the walls, or misaligned walls in the case of a brick veneer.

House Underpinning

The most efficient way of fixing the foundations of your home is by strengthening the worn out concrete stumps. Pinpals has been providing specialised underpinning services across Melbourne for the past two decades. Our team of contractors have the experience of working in the different soil conditions that the city offers. They understand that each foundation strengthening project requires tweaking the repair methods to offer maximum strength and protection to the foundations of your home.

Our method have evolved from the commonplace concrete underpinning method, which uses jacks to support the structure as the old stumps are excavated and replaced by new concrete stumps. This is an invasive procedure which may require the family to move out of their residence. It also leaves behind a mess in the guise of concrete dust and debris, not to mention the renovation work of the floors and walls once the new stumps have been inserted.

Our contractors use the modern method of injecting foundation-strengthening material into the concrete stumps that requires no jacks, no excavation, and no concrete. Tiny holes are drilled into the existing structure and the material is injected. Family members can stay at home as our experienced team completes the house underpinning in a day or two.

Why House Underpinning in Melbourne

Most residential structures in Melbourne have been built on concrete slabs or concrete footings. If you are a homeowner in Melbourne, then the first thing you need to do is check the foundation. The structure of your house may be strong and sound, but because of the soil conditions in the city, the foundation stumps could have developed cracks or may have subsided into the soil.
Our team has encountered many underpinning projects where the stumps have subsided into the soil. This happens due to the following reasons:
We have been providing homeowners across Melbourne with underpinning services that are fast, efficient, and suited to their specific needs. We place the interests of our clients above everything else, which has allowed us to become a trusted and reliable foundation engineering agency.